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The Quack Shack (Building)

Address 11034 Tomoe St.
Author Noorquacker
DynMap Link

This house is the server owner's, Noorquacker's, very own home. It is made uniformly out of stone bricks and sports the classical house polygon . The double chests alternate between typical chests and trapped chests, due to the nature of being unable to place chests next to each other until the 1.13 update. The top-left chest is filled entirely with full stacks of Cooked Chicken image-1674416031032.png. The furnaces, cauldrons, jukebox, and brewing stands are all empty. Two broken portals are marked with a glowstone floor and double signs. The first, labeled QUACK SHACK, teleported entrants to the quackshack world. As an alternative, two signs in the entrance way still function in teleporting players when used. The small hole in front of the brewing stands is a tunnel made of lapis blocks connecting to the underground railroad. A secret in the attic is hidden with no entrance, and a solid case of barriers.