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Ravyn's House

Name Ravyn's House
Address 11036 Tomoe St.
Author Leaf
Mailbox Leaf's Mailbox

A witch-like overgrown house with a sign to teleport to the Leafland world. A banner resembling a chicken's face is placed outside the door, likely to honor the Quack in Quack Shack. There is also a suggestion box for the Leafland world, with written books containing suggestions, as well as book and quills name "leave a suggestion!". The first floor contains a kitchen, chair, and dining area. There is a magenta shulker box in the floor containing a book and quill with the words "KAM WAS IT" written inside. On the counter of the kitchen, is a black shulker box containing various food items and renamed potions.
The second floor is equipped with a small library, desk with a builtin jukebox, and a laptop. A chest hidden underneath the desk contains most of the available music discs.