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Hannah's Monster Mash

Name Hannah's Monster Mash
Address 201 Named Rd.
Author Claim

Mostly comprised of different colors of wool and terracotta with a glass roof. A sign at the entrance reads

"It's like
a zoo
but for monsters"

The zoo is roughly shaped like the word "HANNAH." (period included) and contains exhibits for several different entities, some of which do not contain any entities. The building is broken up into segments to space the each letter, and a minecart can be found leading to the next segment. Every exhibit has at least two signs: one with the "species" of the entities as well their designated names, and the others with comments and notes about the exhibit. At the end of the first segment, a chest can be found for supplying visitors with the minecart necessary for riding the rails between segments.
The minecarts are usually not taken as the rails between segments are so short, it takes a similar amount of time to fly or sprint along them as it does to deploy and ride the minecart.