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Clima Box v4

Address Clima Box v4 @ Tomoe St.
Author Noorquacker

The Clima Box is a sandstone board of command signs. This lets players run commands they otherwise don't have access to. The back of the board is covered with soul torches. This board is versioned, implying it had 3 previous versions. Although it likely did not have 3 versions icri you absolute peepee head there were really 3 previous versions, the oldest version was an assortment of command blocks and buttons. The current board allows players to do the following:

  • Change gamemode to Creative, Survival, or Adventure.
  • Collect free Barrier blocks.
  • Change the time to the Day or Night presets.
  • Change weather to Sun or Storm.

A secret entrance to an empty unlit room is hidden under the left-most grass plant. It is perpetually powered by a redstone block, and thus is almost never opened. The redstone block is hidden behind dirt blocks in the underground railroad.