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Relevant Plugins


As you may have guessed, this server is not pure vanilla and runs some plugins to speed things up! They are generally enabled in factions to make players more productive and not waste fireworks, time, and resources elytra-flying everywhere.

As you may not have guessed, these plugins are stupidly overpowered. Read away!


The premier survival plugin. We allow the following:

  • /warp <destination> - Teleport to common destinations on the server that everyone can access. Use this to access the shop, spawn, and other worlds.
    • /warps - List warps that you can go to
  • /tpr - Teleport to a random location around spawn. Use this when you're in spawn - do not use it if you're stuck in a cave, it takes you to spawn.
  • /tpa <username> - Ask if you can teleport to someone's location with their permission
    • /tpaccept - Accept a teleport request
    • /tpdeny - Deny a teleport request
    • /tpahere <username> - Ask someone to teleport to your location
  • /home <home name> - Teleport to a location that you call home
    • /sethome <home name> - Set a home. You have infinite homes. Abuse this.
  • /back - Teleport to the place you were before teleporting. Or, teleport to where you died. Abuse this too.
  • /me - Useless, really.
  • /balance - Check your money balance
  • /baltop - See the top richest people's balance, and then eat them or something
  • /compass - Check the angle you're facing
  • /coords - See your coordinates, your current world, and the angle you're facing
  • /help - Get outdated help
  • /helpop - Ask an online operator for help
  • /kit color - Get a free book containing all 16 original Minecraft color codes
  • /mail - Just use discord or something
  • /motd - Join our discord
  • /msg - Message online players privately on the server
  • /pay - Pay people money after getting beat the dogcrap out of for owing them money
  • /rules - Read the rules
  • /seen - See when a player was last online
  • /spawn - Teleport to spawn
  • /suicide - Die
  • /tell - Same as /msg i think idk